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Aspire blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Instructions:Installation and settings
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Category:2 Columns, Elegant, Personal, Right Sidebar
Added:April 20th, 2009
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94 Responses to “Aspire”

  1. raqi Says:

    hey! i love this template for my blog. it somehow connects with the content of my blog. can you tell me how to use this? i mean to install this in my blog? im begging. lol

  2. Lehua Says:

    The date says undefined. How do I fix it?

  3. Admin Says:

    Hi Lehua,

    The template is working fine, follow the instructions below.

    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  4. Alana Says:

    This template is awesome! It has just enough flair to suit my needs. And thanks a million for explaining the date change, I had the same problem. Thanks!

  5. Swank Says:

    Yea, its awesome indeed! Love this template too!

  6. Moira Says:

    It still dosen’t work and i don’t know why…

  7. George Says:

    I don’t know how to useit.Please give me instruction. I want to know

  8. George Says:

    hi dear admin,
    please ,I like it .I awant to set up with my domain name

  9. admin Says:

    Hi George,

    In blogger under ‘Edit HTML’ -> Layout upload the .xml file and you are set to go. What other instructions do you need?

  10. Kale Says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am having problem with the date in the upper left side.
    it displays undefined. some help please.

  11. Swank Says:

    Hi Kale,

    This problem has already been discussed on this page on the 3rd comment. Kindly refer to it :)


  12. S21Mi Says:

    I cannot post a comment on the blog in this template. Also the ‘undefined’ in upper left of template is mildly annoying. Please fix it.

  13. S21Mi Says:

    Hi Admin,

    I fixed both the problems. You may ignore my queries. Thanks a lot for this template it is awesome

  14. Bethany Says:

    Hi, love the temp but I’m having trouble posting my blog description under the title. I’ve tried just typing stuff in and importing a picture with the text I want but still won’t show up just the title. I’m at a loss on what to do next. Your help would be great. Thanks!

  15. Admin Says:

    Hi Bethany,

    I am not sure if this is possible but you might want to try this:

    Go to Layout -> ‘Edit HTML’ and do a CTRL + F search for this:

    class=”widget Header” id=”Header1″

    Below that line of code you can see a a href code in H1 tag that links back to your blog. At the end of it you can see the closing tags of the /a tag and the /h1 tag. Add a line break tag after it, br.

    Now try this:
    /a /h1 br
    Enter your blog description or blog slogan here.
    (please add the <> at the start and end of each tag, I can’t write it exactly as it is because this is HTML tag and the comment system doesnt allow it.)

    That should work I hope. Let me know if you still face any problems.

  16. Bethany Says:

    Hummm. When I type in the

    class=”widget Header” id=”Header1″

    it says it can’t be found. I tried reinstalling the temp a few times and no change. I even switched browsers since I know Opera can sometimes mess things up. Any other advice?

    Thanks for the quick response btw.

  17. admin Says:

    Hi Bethany,

    Can you enter your blog url as the website in the website box so I can take a look on your site and see what’s wrong, thanks!

  18. Bethany Says:

    Sure. Thanks for the help!

  19. Admin Says:

    Hi Bethany,

    I have looked through the theme again, I am afraid this theme has some minor bug in it that does not show up the description. I will have to speak to my coder if he can fix it. I will update this post again by commenting here when this is fixed. Sorry about it.

  20. Joshua L Says:

    I can not use the embedded posts on this template. Very annoying! Is there a way around this?

  21. Swank Says:

    Joshua, do you mean embedded videos when you say embedded posts?

  22. Susan Says:

    when I try to drag and drop to rearrange my blog it wont stay in place?

  23. oanamonicutza Says:


    I have a small problem. I cannot post comments using this template. How can I fix the problem?

    Thank you very much!

  24. Cathie Carroll Says:

    All of the beautiful paper scrolls and the flourishes looked great for a few days but now they’re gone.

    Can you help?

  25. Admin Says:


    We are currently upgrading our servers that are hosting the images with new hardware. Please bear with us for a few more hours and the server will be up along with the images. Thank you.

  26. Eugene Says:

    Thanks for your beautiful themes! Keep it up! :)

  27. Patricia Says:

    I really love this template but have a little problem with it. I’m not able to post comments. How can I fix this ?


  28. Swank Says:

    Hi Patricia, unfortunately this theme only works if you have a login id or something so you can post comments, you cant post comments anonymously.

  29. NineteenQuadrangle Says:

    how can i put this lay out to my blog
    i mean i did not know how to download this template
    pls help me

  30. Swank Says:

    After you have downloaded it from here, use winrar or 7zip to unzip the file and inside the folder you can see a file called Aspire.xml. Go to blogger -> Layout -> Edit HTML and upload Aspire.xml and you are good to go. :)

  31. Patricia Says:

    Hi Admin:

    Where did my beatiful template go ? Has it something to do with upgrading the servers or do I have to download the template again ?


  32. admin Says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Please wait for about 1-2 more hours as we are currently upgrading our servers with new hardware. The images on your template will appear again soon. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.


  33. Srikant Says:

    Hey Admin,

    Thanks for the great template. I’m a newbie to this but you guys made it really simple.

    Now, a newbie question, i’m sure but I can’t see options for “New Post” or any of the other stuff up top. Any way I can fix this? Please let me know.

    Thanks again.

  34. James Says:

    Hi Srikant,

    You have to go to your dashboard to make a new post.

  35. Srikant Says:

    Hey James,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I figured that much out but I was wondering if we could have those links back on our Blog page as opposed to having to go back to the dashboard.


  36. James Says:

    Hi Srikant,

    I am afraid not as this template was converted from wordpress to blogger and wordpress was not built like this. I think only the default themes provided by blogger can do this, all other custom themes do not have this I believe.


  37. Zachary Says:

    I really love this template and its look. I have gotten everything I want to work except the comments feature. I have switched around my own settings but whenever I or someone else presses “Post Comment” nothing happens nor does a work edit box pop up.

    I can’t even manage this with someone with a Google account signed in. Do you know how to fix this? I would really appreciate a prompt reply because I have been posting a lot lately. Thanks in advance.

  38. Zachary Says:

    Actually, sorry, I got it to work. Enabling “Pop up window” instead seems to do the trick.

  39. Milne Says:

    Hi Zachary, how do you enable the Pop-up window?

  40. ashok kumar Says:

    hi admin,
    how can i post the comments as it is not working……

  41. arivans Says:

    Hi,Thanks for that great template.
    I have two issues.
    One header description could not be posted,based on some discussion above,I guess this is NOT resolved yet,pl correct me i I am wrong.
    Secondly,The blog post header is not working as hyper link,means I could not ‘Click’ a post header to do to that particular post page.Any clue to rectify this?

    Kindly trigger the email with the solution.
    Thanks in advance.

  42. Admin Says:

    Hi Arivans,

    Sorry was very busy, ok I will try right now to get the template fixed and re-uploaded, will update this page once its done.

  43. Admin Says:

    Hi Arivans,

    Our coder has fixed the issue and have re-uploaded the template. The header post can now be clicked and the comments are now fixed. Kindly redownload.

  44. panos k Says:

    actually it’s not fixed.
    header post can still not be clicked, comments don’t work and there is not a read more button.
    too bad cause this could be an excellent blog layout.

  45. Nina Says:

    Hi Admin,

    as per questioned by others on top, why the comments doesn’t work?
    what can we do to fix it?

  46. Swank Says:

    Hi Nina,

    Try this (posted by a blogger alewan on another template)

    In Blogger Settings go to Comments and there are three options for “Comment Form Placement”: Full page, Pop-up window and Embedded below post. All you need to do is select Full page.

  47. Donna Says:

    Hi, I enabled the pop-up window for comments and that works fine. Is there a way to add a list of blogs in the sidebar? Love this template!

  48. Donna Says:

    Sorry, part 2 of that message…on the sidebar, the first box is “Archives” and the third box is “Blog Archives”, they both show exactly the same thing. I want to use the third box as a list of blogs that I follow. Thanks.

  49. José Taboada Says:

    Colors of the past; very nice..

  50. Swank Says:

    Hi Donna,

    You can edit that by going to Layout tab and edit the gadget for that box you want to show a list of blogs that you follow.

  51. David Ward Says:

    Was there ever a final fix for the blog description not showing up under the blog title? Thanks! :)

  52. prashant Says:

    its too good. i love it. thanks to develepor and the publisher.

  53. Himanshu Says:

    I have Blog Archive wizard which is not displaying properly.
    The little arrows to expand on months appear in separate lines

  54. Donna Says:

    The background images are not coming up any longer, not even on the live demo. :(

  55. hilda Says:


    i’ve downloaded this template. but i don’t know where i can see the code to edit my HTML.
    i also have entered my URL in your column.
    please give me instruction!!!
    i do love this template.

  56. Swank Says:

    Hi Hilda,

    This blogger template only works with Bloggers New XML platform, it does not work for the old Classic HTML blogger. Which are you using?

  57. Matuz Says:


    I have scoured the net and I cannot find a solution for my missing blog description in the Aspire template that I downloaded. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  58. Swank Says:

    Hi Matuz,

    This template does not display your blog’s description. It is the downside of this template.

  59. Liyana Says:

    hi there, thanks for the awesome job and I really love this template. However, the bullets for the blog archive on the right column are pretty off. I’ve tried changing the date formats, but its still not working. Is there any solution?


  60. Sharron Says:

    The “Post Comment”/”Post a Comment” link wasn’t working for me but this template uses pop-up windows ONLY to show/modify comments. In your blog settings go to Settings->Comments->Comment Form Placement and set to “Pop-Up Window”

  61. gopi Says:

    thanks dude

    its good
    but in this i want to create tabs on the page

    how to create these tabs

  62. Chantal Says:


    I downloaded this template to my moms blog and she decided not to use it. It has now completely messed up her blog to the point that she could not get comments and it says undefined at the top of ever blog post. We had to revert to the original template and now we can not add any of my moms side bar stuff. She can not see her followers and her header picture and she can not link to our website. We have tried to add the gadgets back on and ever time we do it reverts to the way it was and we can not receive comments or gain new followers. I know that this is not your fault but could someone smarter then me help us fix it? I would really appreciate it. I am more then a little stressed.

    Thank you.

  63. Admin Says:

    Hi Chantal,

    Can you put your mom’s blog url on the website field in comments so I can view it and see what went wrong?

    Also when you say revert back to the original template, does it mean you reuploaded the old .xml template file?

  64. Antonio Micheloni Says:

    I cannot paste the google analyzer html code correctly. Every time I get an error message once I try to save. I should paste the first part right after the [/html] tag but I cannot find it. Can anybody help? Where exactely shall I paste the first part of the Google Analytics html code in the Aspire template?

  65. Christen Says:


    I was just wondering if there was ever a fix for blog description. I see where someone else was looking for a fix but I didn’t see any sort of follow up on whether it was fixed or not.

    Thanks!!! Great template!

  66. Heidi ashworth Says:

    Hi, I love his template and have even using it for two years, no problem.. However, people are starting to email me saying that they are getting a malware warning when they try to get onto my blog. Everyone who gets the message is using google chrome. A tech friend of mine says the problem is in the header of the template. Do I have to change templates or can you do something from your end?

  67. Richa Says:

    Hi Admin,

    I really like this template and am using it for one of my blogs. Since some time now its giving a malware warning when someone tries to open it in Google Chrome browser. I looked into the issue and found the problem is with the site hosting images for this blog template i.e. webpagedesign dot ws which is listed as suspicious by Google. Is there anything that could be done to fix the problem coz I really don’t want to change the template.

    Any help would be heartily appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  68. Swank Says:

    Hi Richa,

    Have you originally downloaded this template from here or from other sites? Because the site that is hosting all template images is templatesimages dot com belongs to us and we checked there is no malware. None of our templates images are hosted by webpagedesign dot ws. In fact you can click on the live demo of this site and if you view source you would find there webpagedesign dot ws is not showing up anywhere at all in the source code which would mean the template itself and images being hosted for this template are malware-free.

    You may want to try re-download this template again from here and upload to your blog. On the other hand, someone might have access to your account and added in the malware link. If that is the case, look for the blog post that has the malware link, go to that page and remove it, and most importantly change your password. Of cause, do a virus scan on your computer as well.

    Hope that helps! :)

  69. Richa Says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for such a quick response :)

    To tell you the truth I really don’t remember where I downloaded the template from. But I am surely going to re-download it from here now and upload it to my blog.

    I am sure that would help.

    Thanks again !

  70. admin Says:


    Yes that would solve the problem I believe, all our template images are very safe from malware :) Cheers

  71. Richa Says:

    Hi Admin,

    That did solve the problem… Thanks a ton !!! :)

    The blog is looking perfect now except for one small issue. There used to be a box like comment wrapper around each comment on the comment form earlier which is missing now. All the comments are displayed one after the other without any demarcation line in between.

    I guess the comment wrapper images are missing.

    Could you please suggest a fix for this. Thanks !

  72. guitar online Says:

    cool i love these, good work! amazing amazing i love this, good work!

  73. firoz Says:

    Hello admin , Thanks for the template.its truly fantastic.

    I cannot however add more labels from my widget. Is there any fix to this ? Urgent please

  74. firoz Says:

    By labels , i mean add more options in the categories box :)

  75. Tommy Says:

    We really like this template and are using for our family blog.

    The three open issues I still see are:

    = The blog header description is missing.
    = The archive bullets are off.
    = The most recent post does not show a hyperlink to it.


  76. Brian McMillen Says:

    Hi Admin!

    Thanks so much for the really cool resource! I have one thing I’m wanting to add though and I’m not good at html, so looking for advice. I would like to add a slightly darker background to the blockquote text (I do a lot of direct quoting on my blog). A friend of mine has a template that has this feature built in. I’m just wanting it to “pop” a little more with the blockquotes.

    Could you tell me what and where I need to insert into the code to accomplish this?

    Thanks so much!

  77. sayang faleha Says:

    hi admin..i really live this template..i’ve tried change the date and time but it not there any solution??

  78. Swank Says:

    Hi Sayang Fela,

    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  79. Tarya Says:

    How do i change the fonts to my preference

  80. almighty. Says:

    Just wondering… is there something wrong with the image host or anything? ‘coz all I can see on my blog now is just a beige background and text, no other images or borders, etc… please fix this issue :( thanks for the awesome template!

  81. my site Says:

    I like the precious data you offer in your articles. I can bookmark your weblog and feature my youngsters take a look at up right here generally. I am fairly positive they’re going to be informed a variety of new stuff here than anybody else!

  82. newbie Says:

    after I use this template, why can not be commented on his article? please its support

  83. Lucky Says:


    I really love this template but for some reason the page break / read more does not show/work? I am not very good in html edits so appreciate your help on this. Also, how do I show older posts link with thumbnails below my posts? Thanks in advance for your help!


  84. R1ncew1nd Says:

    Thank you, Admin

    That “After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.” worked for me, althought in menu is different.

  85. Giselle Says:

    Hi Shining people!
    Absolutely adore this theme! Need some assistance here…
    How can I make those sharing icon buttons visible on post?
    When I go to design, postage options, there’s a lot of options there other than the sharing buttons, such as ‘send this via email’ button, there’s even a reaction button. Despite them being ticked and showing as active, they don’t appear o the page…

    Can you shed some light?

    Cheers ; )


  86. Peter Says:

    Hi Giselle,

    You gotta add a Gadget. The gadget allows people to share your post on their facebook and twitter. You have got ” ADD A GADGET” on your design page. Hope this helps.


  87. Bill Says:

    How do i get the “description” added to my blog? When i type in what i want and save it does not show on the blog. I have read all the comments and didnt see a fix for this, can you please help.

    Thank you..

  88. dbl d Says:

    where do i edit to remove the green line around pictures in my posts?

    thank you

  89. Angela Says:

    Can not get the “undefined” in the left side of the page. I’ve tried to disable the date format but to no avail. Please help me!

  90. Alyssa Says:

    Hi admin

    I like this template very much but I meet some difficulties. I am also new to blogging. Is it possible if you could tell me how to solve them?

    1. There are no pages on the blog but it says that I had added it.
    2. The date and time are undefined when I tried them in different formats.
    3. I did placed some blog page posting options but they did not appear? Is it because someone must comment on the blog post first? e.g. shared buttons
    4. The location of my blog post shows New York however I am from Singapore? Is there something wrong it?

    I apologise for the sudden onslaught of questions but I am not computer smart.

    Please help me out. Thank you

  91. Keimahte Says:

    i really love this template.but the sidebar is in 2 column ,i want a single colum there in the sidebar,please help

  92. Marta Says:

    Hello Admin! I’ve been having a problem with the comments as well. I’ve searched everywhere and some places tell me to put the <b:comment bla bla bla part but I checked my HTML and it's already in there, and it's still not working! I already re-downloaded and re-uploaded to my blog, to make sure I had the updated version, but I'm still having the same problem. Could you help me out please? Thank you!

  93. George Says:

    Hi, this template doesn’t show my date or comment on my blog, i know you have tried to give a solution but its not still working for me…. Help me pls..

    Thank you.

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