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Dilectio blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Category:1 Column, Adsense Optimized, Elegant, Right Sidebar
Added:April 20th, 2009
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16 Responses to “Dilectio”

  1. J Says:

    Thank you for such a good looking template, took me a while to fix it…

    It looks really good now, i love the color orange column at the middle.

  2. Jyoti Says:

    Hey, I have downloaded this template, I need help customising it.. Like to change the language, edit links, add links.. Pls reply to my mail

  3. Copy Conqueress Says:

    Hi! I love this theme, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to edit the “About” section in the right sidebar (on the eye-catching orange!). I’d love to continue using it, but I can’t if the “About” portion of the sidebar isn’t customizable. I’d appreciate any tips or advice (how-to’s) you can give me! Thanks :-)

  4. faisal Says:

    thanks for this sharing, now i use your template. please check it

  5. vamsi Says:

    just downloaded the theme. its very nice theme, but when I break my posts, for that nice read more link, the posts breaks but the link doesn’t appear.
    please try to find a fix for this nice theme.
    Thank you

  6. df Says:

    how do i change “about” section??

    p/s: nice layout. i took it. pls respond to me. tq.

  7. abel Says:

    thaks a lot for template

  8. SeeSen9 Says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the dates? The red swirly icon shows but when there is more than one post in one day, only the first of them shows the date.

  9. Beauty Blog Says:

    great template I like it

  10. Riko Says:

    I have a problem with its comment. I can’t leave a comment on the post since I’ve been using this templates. Can anyone help me?

  11. Umamaheswari A Says:

    Yes,I too have a problem with the comments….the code should be added seperately

  12. Umamaheswari A Says:

    Got the right solution for those who need to use this template….the only problem with this template is the “post a comment does’nt work”…for this goto

    dashboard->settings->comments->in comment form placement choose POP UP window..THIS SOLVES THE PROBLEM :) :):)

  13. kostas Says:

    I have downloaded this template, I need help customising it.. Like to change the language, edit/add links & how to edit the “About” section in the right sidebar.

  14. braden greews Says:

    nice for girl blogger

  15. Natasha Says:

    I have downloaded this template, very nice design

  16. Gelo Says:

    nice.. plzz send me a soft copy of intramural..tnx..

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