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Gamezine blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Instructions:Installation and settings
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Category:2 Columns, Blue, Entertainment, Right Sidebar
Added:April 20th, 2009
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52 Responses to “Gamezine”

  1. andri Says:


  2. soraj Says:


  3. dark_topo Says:

    some could tell me how to install this template on my blogger?

  4. Admin Says:

    To upload the template to blogger, go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Edit HTML’ and upload the .xml file and your done :)

  5. Rian Says:

    Could you tell me how to change the ‘head’ image, please?
    Thank you b4.

  6. Admin Says:

    Hi Rian,

    Go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Edit HTML’ and do a CTRL + F search for this: ‘/images/GameZine/head.jpg’ without the quotes. you would need to change that whole URL of the image link for head.jpg into your own header image. However you would need to upload the image to your own hosting.

  7. Azizy15 Says:

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a second image slider right below the first one, i tried to find the code within the template but I could separate it so i can copy it. I really want a second slider below the first one so i can put a different category of images, so it doesnt get disorganized with the first one. please reply to my email as soon as you can, and tell me if it is possible. my email is

  8. Admin Says:

    I am afraid this wont work for blogger, this was originated from a wordpress theme.

  9. saefelden Says:

    I need to know an size of the images so that I can blame design Adg Photos

  10. saefelden Says:

    I need to know size of the images so that I can put pictures fit design

  11. bacayuk Says:

    i need tutorial to install this templates :P

  12. renny36 Says:

    hi how do i use the slider ? am pretty new to this blogging stuff

  13. Swank Says:

    Have you tried adding posts to your blog yet? I think the slider will only work when tere are posts on your blog with images in them.

  14. Hery Says:

    i have try this template, quite difficult to modify this template, but this template is nice design..^^

  15. Essined Says:

    can someone tell me the font that was used on the Gamezine logo?

    thanks much!

  16. Essined Says:

    btw, can anyone actually edit the Glider/Slider content? this is for blogger…

    thanks again!

  17. Jessica Says:

    How do you get rid of the tabs that say group title, they do not work on blogger….let me know what script I need to erase to make it disappear.

  18. waterfirefox Says:

    I like this template… can I use this one with your permission?

  19. Swank Says:

    Sure, why not?

  20. muzammilkv Says:

    thanx @@@@@@@@@ very much @@@@@@@@@

  21. pipo Says:


  22. J. Anthony Kosar Says:


    I really like this template, but as I was setting up my blog before it goes live, I was trying to set up the content. I am having trouble getting the glider and slider to work. Are there instructions on how to add content? I am having some difficulty as I am not used to html code. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!


  23. Andrew Says:

    I’m also having some trouble with the sliders…is this still an active thread? I’d love to get some active content up with the sliders but can’t get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  24. Chique Electra Says:

    Same problem… how to get the Slider, Glider and Tab controls working?

  25. Ariane Atlass Says:

    I could not figure out how to change the page title, I created new pages. But I did not find where to go to make links between my pages and your titles. Please help!

  26. Andy Says:

    Can you tell me in which line i must put the image link from a picture which i want in the slider?


  27. Marie Says:

    what font did you use in those fonts ???

  28. isaiah Says:

    ist soo cool shoot it bro !*&^$%#$

  29. isaiah Says:

    money money

  30. Iskandar Says:

    Thanks it looks cool. With your permission, am I allowed to change the image where it says GAMEZINE to some of my preferred images…

    How much can I alter this template without eliminating the credit to you..

  31. Admin Says:


    Yes you may, feel free to make any changes you like on the template. :)

  32. Langit Says:

    All images has hosted on your webhostingm what abou JS (javaScript) files? Is is hosted on your hosting too?

    Thank You

  33. Admin Says:

    Hi Langit,

    No we dont host the javascript files, only images are hosted with us.

  34. Honeybee Says:

    waw.. I like the title picture.. nice pics ^^

  35. ZoneCartoons Says:

    too very nice themes for game and video blog!!

  36. bEE_dEviL Says:

    ist sooo….

  37. Amr Says:

    Hi,this is a beautiful template. Totally class. Would anyone know how I could modify it to display a right to left language?Thanks,Amr

  38. reno Says:

    how to make slideshow in this blog?

  39. newbie gamer Says:

    it’s real nice template for games blog.
    God Bless U.

  40. nird Says:

    how can i put picture to the slider?

  41. PSPn00bz Says:

    Hey can I change the Gamezine names? and btw so epic !!!!

  42. phirlie Says:

    how to use.??

  43. muneeb Says:

  44. Star Tv Forum Says:

    very good game zine templet…

  45. Leon Says:

    Is possible to place a banner on this template? Please say yes !!?

  46. Leon Says:

    How to place the News on the Glider ?, the html is empty on gadget :O

  47. fayaz Says:

    can u plz tell me how do i get the glider and slider to work
    i have tried adding posts, but it still show up blank
    thank you

  48. Mr.lashaung Says:

    Thanks ,

  49. Puma Says:

    This is the ultimate gaming site format. So impressive. I hope somebody could share their sites using this format.


  50. Abliukh Says:

    Nice….Thanks for Theme…. :)

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  52. Nihar Says:

    Can I modify the theme ! Is it totally free ? I mean I want to change that undersign copyright ! Can I do it ?…….

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