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Hybrid News

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Hybrid News blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates Free.


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Category:2 Columns, Blue, Entertainment, Magazine
Added:August 21st, 2009
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78 Responses to “Hybrid News”

  1. Success Says:

    I need the instructions to use this template in Blogger. The scroller, title and everything. Can you please send the users set up guide.

  2. Books Says:

    I need the instructions to use this template in Blogger. The scroller, title and everything. Can you please send the users set up guide.

  3. Admin Says:

    Basically, this template requires an image for every post, the featured gallery will feature all your latest posts. To upload the template to blogger, go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Edit HTML’ and upload the .xml file and your done :)

  4. John Says:

    Admin, That is not true. This template is not working right for Blogger.

  5. Swank Says:

    Hi John,

    What is not working right? What are the problems you are facing?


  6. Ram Says:

    Hi, there’s something wrong then I upload. The widgets get stuck in one column only.

  7. Eugene Says:

    Hi there, I have the same problem with you before and I found out that you need to unzipped first the file when you have downloaded it, and then copy the xml file and paste to your blogger ‘Edit Html’ page.

  8. keith Says:

    Hi, the featured gallery is not working for me, i don’t know why. On the “Page Elements” everything can be edited except for the gallery, and it keeps the images and posts from your demo. Any help, please? I would like to keep this theme because is great.


  9. keith Says:

    Never mind, i figured it out.

  10. Swank Says:

    Hi Keith,

    How did you solve it?

  11. lewis Says:

    I’m facing the same problem. I don’t know how to change the featured gallery. I would really appreciate some help. I think Keith had the same problem as me, as Keith says i cannot change the default pictures or content your featured gallery has. Please help

  12. lewis Says:

    also, how do you make pages. like along the top?? if possible

  13. Hery Says:

    yeah … yeah… nice template man…

  14. starting online business Says:

    Wow… great template. But I wanna ask something. What is the template that bloggertemplatesfree.com user? May I use the same template like yours? Thanks…

  15. James Swank Says:

    The template we use is a custom designed template by us. I am afraid we do not sell or lease it :)

  16. emmasmith Says:

    Template is good. But there is problem in gallery pic. Its not update by my posts. For that what i do?

  17. bayu Says:

    hi. i have problem with this template. how to edit feature post?

  18. Viky Says:


  19. Swank Says:

    Hi Viky, stop using those cap locks and perhaps someone may support you. FOr the Images slideshow, you have to post new images to your new posts and it will automatically appear on the slideshow.

  20. Viky Says:

    Thanks Swank !
    I do according your advi,e .

  21. Viky Says:

    I am sick of this template , Swank , as you say above ….. . i have uploaded five images per post but they are not appearing in slide ,
    it is a one of great template , l like it , but i think i should leave this .

  22. Viky Says:

    you have a good variety of templates , i like your designing and your art . really appreciated you . Thanks to share these with us

  23. Swank Says:

    Hi Viky,

    Perhaps you can choose another template? Somehow gallery sliders dont work well with blogger while they do on wordpress. I will try to see if I can get this fixed. Will update this post here once I have it fixed.

    Merry Christmas!

  24. Viky Says:

    thank swank 4 quick reply

  25. Mark Says:

    Is there a fix I would like to use this one if possible? I have it in play and need some help with the slideshow.

  26. Nilesh Joshi Says:

    Hello Admin,

    Please fix the problem of slider so that we can use this template sucessfully on blogger.


  27. Kansen Says:


    You should change the template as working one or lead people to fix it.

  28. Samm Says:

    this is a great template. But how do i change the background color of this template?

  29. Swank Says:

    Hi Samm,

    Are you referring to the white background color? Which color would you like to change to?

  30. Swank Says:

    Hi Samm,

    I noticed you have changed to another template that was downloaded from here. Please note that you have to leave the copyright credits at the bottom. Failure to do so, our server will stop hosting the images for the template your site is using and your template will stop working.

  31. The Crowe's Nest Says:

    How do you edit the slider?

  32. The Crowe's Nest Says:

    Nevermind. I figured it out. Now, have to figure out how to get comments and dates to come up.

  33. Swank Says:

    Hi Crowe,

    You have a very nice website! Would you like to share how you got the image slider working?

    As for the comments side, I think you have to set it to a link to comment page in order to work, i just checked your comments section is working. Not sure about dates.

  34. The Crowe's Nest Says:

    Thank Swank. I’ll post the code for slider.

  35. The Crowe's Nest Says:

    Full code of slide feature for 2 page is like this

    startposts = 0;
    numposts = 1;
    home_page = "http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default";


    startposts = 1;
    numposts = 2;
    home_page = "http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default";


    To add more page for slide feature, just copy the code from until , paste it under previous code, then change the “startposts” and “numposts”, example like below.

    startposts = 0;
    numposts = 1;
    home_page = "http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default";


    startposts = 1;
    numposts = 2;
    home_page = "http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default";


    startposts = 2;
    numposts = 3;
    home_page = "http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default";


  36. The Crowe's Nest Says:

    Find this code
    Change the text with your blog feeds or blog feed by category/label like this


    => In Script 1

    startposts = 0;
    numposts = 1;
    home_page = “http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default”;

    => In Script 2

    startposts = 1;
    numposts = 2;
    home_page = “http://hybridnews-fbt.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default”;

  37. Masny Says:

    Crowe’s, did you add URL links to the blog post page in the Edit HTML section? Also after you add them in, they are not dynamic right? Like I have to change them through hard code if I want new slider posts right? Thanks alot!

  38. kapalmukz Says:

    hi there people, slide show is not working on blogger.com? only 1 slide is working on me why is that sir? do u have any solution for this? so i can stick to this theme i really love it…thanks anyways! have a nice day!

  39. Masny Says:

    Hi Kapalmukz,

    Please look up 2 comments above yours and you will find the solution.

  40. kapalmukz Says:

    not details.. i hate it that is why i changed my themes now.. easy to configure in it… anyways…tnx.

  41. SAS Says:

    izin sedot templatenya bro…, btw perlu sedikit ketrampilan rupanya biar template ini berjalan, is ok thank bro.

  42. fayaz Says:

    download button is nice

  43. Insights Says:

    Hi Very nice template its so easy to use. by the way I have a question how do you add recent comment and recent posts?

  44. Swank Says:


    I believe you can add recent comments an recent posts through gadgets. You can do tat by going to Layout and there you can see add gadget, through that you can do that :)


  45. Insights Says:

    thanks I got it. Would you know how do I add ad sense per post? I want to place it right after my title per post and in the comments area. before and after the post body. thanks.

  46. Mundo Cinefilia Says:

    The Crowe’s Nest thank you so much!!! I have bad english but your answer helped me!!! it’s working on bloger!!! i’m so happy!

  47. iman Says:

    why only one slide just working?

  48. laiba Says:

    please tell me how to add ads after post title in this template. because i tried hard but its not working. Any help?

  49. Theresa Says:


    Nice blog but how to I change the blue to a different colour. Please help, I’ve tried a few things but nothing works.

    Thank you,

  50. Admin Says:

    Hi Theresa,

    Are you referring to the blue header banner? If that’s the one go to your blogger dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML and do a CTRL + F search for


    that is the banner url. You need to upload your own color banner to a free image hosting site and replace that url with yours and it will show the color that you like.

    Cheers :)

  51. Theresa Says:

    Thank you for the quick reply, admin! Much appreciated. Sorry I can’t find your name.

    What about the over all look of blue? My logo is lavender and brown, I would like to change the colour of the blue sections as well as the blue section where the photo scrolls, is that possible?

    If not then I would need to change the blog.

    With thanks!

  52. Admin Says:

    Hi Theresa,

    Well nothing is impossible but its gonna be quite a lot of work. You have to search for the specific blue color file URLs and replace with your own.

  53. laiba Says:

    hi admin
    how are you. you didn’t reply my 1st question. anyway i have managed ads after post title but one thing kindly tell me how to remove complete slider. hope you will reply this time. kindly give me code hint that from where to where remove the code.

  54. Theresa Says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you for your time and tips. Much appreciated and with,

    Kind regards,

  55. ParadoXs Says:

    Hy…how to change to appear my articles instead of the slider??

  56. black Says:

    very nice template thanks

  57. Yessir Says:

    Great template…BUT the SEARCH BOX does not work??!?! I noticed on the LIVE DEMO as well. Has anyone figured a fix? I’ve tried this template on 3 different blogs (Blogger) and tried the search on the live demo site… always returns NO MATCHES :(

  58. thenzio Says:

    hi! View my blog and see how i used the slider so perfect.,

  59. thenzio Says:

    hey guys if you want some original and unique header for your blog., don’t hesitate to contact me., It will cost only a few bucks.

  60. Andy Eaton Says:

    wow just typed in blog themes and this site came up, I cant belive how beautiful and professional these designs are. You guys rock as these are better than most paid for themes. thanks

  61. Mazhar Says:

    beautiful look and feel.

  62. zulsyiddin Says:

    How to put adsense code behing submit templat as your? please send intruction to me. you send on that email

  63. KARIM Says:

    Thang for your tempelate for me, I like for your tempelate

  64. Gringoperry Says:

    I changed the feed so that it shows the feed to my posts, but after I done that the gadgets in the right column disappeared. I have tried readding them and nothing works. Any suggestions?

  65. momoknyet Says:

    Hi, how to put the slider on every post?

  66. alimuntaha Says:

    nice template… i want to use this template…
    thank you ..

  67. Bijey syenna Says:

    best theme

  68. Veedeb Says:

    This is a very nice template. The slider issue is not resolved for me. Unfortunately, I’m not that good at html code (post above) so I don’t know where to insert and change it. Is there a way to get the original template corrected for downloading? This template is perfect if I can get the slider to work. Please help.

    Thank you.

  69. Veedeb Says:

    I figured out the slider and it works great. I have one question: I chose not to have comments on the site. Inside the slider, under the title and before the date, it says “undefined comment.” I was able to delete the word comment, but I cannot find how to delete “undefined.” Any help would be appreciated. Love this template!

  70. Obat Untuk Diabetes Says:

    good themes, i love it

  71. Leon Says:

    Is possible to place a banner on this template?

  72. candra Says:

    cool themes….

  73. braden greews Says:

    i just try it .. :D

  74. youcef Says:

    how to remove slider from this template.thanks

  75. acting classes la Says:

    I’ve been looking for a fresh, clean theme that looks good but won’t distract my readers. This template fits that perfectly, thanks!

  76. nike mercurial vapor Says:

    It’s hard to seek out knowledgeable folks on this matter, however you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  77. emre demir Says:

    thanks. güzel tasarım

  78. Sari Iveans Says:

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