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Isabela blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates Free.


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Category:2 Columns, Elegant, Personal, Red
Added:August 21st, 2009
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88 Responses to “Isabela”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for the awesome template!

  2. Admin Says:

    Your welcome :) Glad you like it!

  3. Heather Says:

    Great template! Love the colors!

  4. Admin Says:

    Yep, 3 columns nice template.

  5. sonelta Says:

    How come the images do not show with your demo or when I install on blogger

  6. Admin Says:

    Please bear with us while we upgrade our servers that are hosting the images. The images will go back up shortly.

  7. rado Says:

    hey it’s a great job, but I wont this for my twetter

  8. Swank Says:

    You mean you want this template for twitter?

  9. Chakwaina Says:

    How do I add it to my blogger page?

    When i click on instruction it just brings me back to this page??

  10. Swank Says:

    Hi Chakwaina, go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Edit HTML’ and upload the Isabela.xml file. You need to unzip the downloaded folder here first before you can see Isabela.xml. Hope that helps!

  11. Cait Says:

    First, Thanks and I love the template! :)

    I do have one question, and I may sound like an idiot, but bear with me. When I downloaded and put the template in place, I lost the little portion in the upper right hand corner to access my dashboard. Did it go somewhere else, and where can I get to my dashboard from viewing my blog?

    Thanks so much!

  12. Swank Says:

    Hi Cait,

    Go back to in the url and it will bring you back to the dashboard :p

  13. Cait Says:

    Thanks so much! like i said, i probably was gonna come out looking like a doof! :)

  14. Mubeena Says:

    How i can use this template in my website(in Blogger) after downloading?
    plz Help me..

  15. James Swank Says:

    Hi Mubeena,

    Have you unzipped the downloaded file yet? You would need either 7zip or winrar software to unzip the file. After which go to your blog Layout -> Edit HTML and upload the Isabela.xml file and your good to go :)

  16. Cait Says:

    Hey for some reason the red designs have disappeared from my blog! All I have left is a blank white background. It happened all of sudden last night, and I hoped it would have been back today, but it’s just white. Is there anything I can do to get it back? Thanks so much, and sorry to pester you!

  17. admin Says:

    Hi Cait,

    Please wait for about 1-3 more hours as we are currently upgrading our servers with new hardware. The images on your template will appear again soon. Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.


  18. ryan Says:

    i am newbie, can i know how to unzip the file,and what’s next?


  19. James Swank Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Do you have winrar or 7zip in your computer? If you do not, google it and download the software. Use the above software to unzip the file by right-clicking on the downloaded file here and click Extract here.

    Then on your blogger panel, go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Edit HTML’ and upload the Isabela.xml file through there.

  20. ryan Says:

    hi james

    i just download winzip & winrar, is that correct? or they r 2 diff software?

  21. James Swank Says:

    Winzip is paid I think, winrar is free. Try searching on google for download free winrar.

  22. ryan Says:

    is the “category” widget functioning? i can’t use them

  23. Sarah Says:

    Hi, the images aren’t showing up when I upload the xml file to blogger. Is there a server problem?

  24. James Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Yes there is a mild server problem. We are fixing this right now. It should be up soon. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

  25. Srinu Says:

    Template Was Beautiful mostly i like red Color ..! i like it ..! thank you..!

  26. Becca Says:

    Why did it delete all my widgets?

  27. Swank Says:

    Whenever you upload a new template, the old widgets may or may not work on the new template so you have to re-add them.

  28. Gina Says:

    Hello Swank I’m back again. When I download this template, it keeps putting my blog title as the template belonging to me which it doesn’t. It should say Isabella at the bottom. Reads like The Lioness Roars Free Word Press Template. It’s giving me credit which it shouldn’t. What do I do to fix this. Thanks for your help.

  29. Swank Says:

    Hi Gina,

    Don’t worry about, the template is coded in such a way that the footer shows your blog title followed by the credits.

  30. Gina Says:

    Oh okay, thanks. I appreciate your help.

  31. Alecia Says:

    I love this template, thanks so much for it!! Makes me smile every time I’m on my blog! I do have two quick questions. 1) When I move my cursor over a hyperlink, the text goes white (which makes it invisible against the white background). Is there a way to change that, without changing the background color (obviously)? 2) Is there a way to get the Blogger Navbar to show up on my blog without a weird white box under the title appearing? I’ve tried to delete the “navbar invisible” code, but a white box appears directly under my title (imposing on the red box). I’ve also tried to add recommended code from Google, but again, the white box appears. I know that the template looks cleaner without the navbar, but it was so helpful to have it there, and I’d really love the option to bring it back (without messing up the rest of the template). Thanks so much!!

  32. Swank Says:

    Hi Alecia,

    Go to Layout -> Edit HTML:

    Do a CTRL + F search for


    Do you see color:#ffffff right beside it? Change that to the color you want.

    As for the blogger navbar, I am afraid I dont know how to do it. Just do through the blogger dashboard. :)

  33. Alecia Says:

    Thanks so much. Guess I’ll just add a Blogger logo & link that to my dashboard – small price to pay for such a cool template. I really love it!

  34. Swank Says:

    Your welcome! Have a great day! :)

  35. Becky Says:

    Thanks to Alecia’s Question and your quick response I have one less question! I found Alecia’s site last night through a link on another site. She & I are using the same template. One difference in our sites that I want to change to be like her’s instead is the Post Date. Mine shows the date in large red numbers & letters above the post title for each and every post. Alecia’s shows the date in small black numbers & letters at the beginning of one post per day. I’ve looked everywhere but the only date options I find are how I want the date configured ie January 10, 2010 or 1/10/10 etc. I find where I can choose to have the date or not have it at all. How can I change it so it only shows up on one post per page and change the font size & color?

    I also see that Alecia asked about a Navigation Bar. I have one but cannot find out how to alter the bar ie center words or change the color of the buttons. Any ideas?


  36. Becky Says:

    One more question about my Navigation bar/buttons. I’d like to take the red bar or post title background and make it the background for my navigation buttons. ie red bar like the post title background, stretched so it’s as wide as the blog title background where I can add the html for the navigation links of home, getting started etc. How?

  37. Victoria Says:

    Would LOVE, LOVE this in PURPLE with medium purple and white. Any chance of getting other colors?

  38. meg Says:

    WOW!!! I lURRRRRRVE THE TEMPLATE!!!!! Thanks so much..

  39. Tammie Says:

    This is going to sound strange but I have the template on my blog and when I started moving boxes around the little “tool icon” appeared next to each one – when you click on it it takes you to the editing section. But this tool icon will not go away and is still there even when I am logged out. It seems that anyone who visits my blog can see it too. How can I fix this?

    Thanks, the template is gorgeous BTW!

  40. Tammie Says:

    Ok just checked on my other computer – the problem only appears on the computer that I used to download the template. Please help!

  41. Tammie Says:

    Just found out it wasn’t a problem with the template but with blogger – had to clear the cache. All fixed now! Thanks google lol

  42. anto Says:

    wow … thank you. It is very good blog template . Immediately applied to my blogspot about tourism..

  43. Rapidshare Says:

    This is best article so far. Thanks.

  44. Haleluya Says:

    This is very nice template, thank for share

  45. Alecia Says:

    I’ve been using this template for a few months now and LOVE IT!! I highly recommend that if you’re considering it, don’t wait any longer. You will not be disappointed.

    I do have one (more) strange question. Where can I edit the code to number my comments? You know, have a number (in sequence, of course) appear next to each comment. I’ve found tons of HTML codes that I could use via Blogger, but I’m scared to attempt any of them with this template, since the code is drastically different. I just know that the all-powerful Admin will have a quick fix!


  46. Mel Says:

    The entire layout seems to have disappeared from my blog. When I click the Live Demo on here, it seems to have the same problem. Is it just me, or is there a problem somewhere?


  47. Wit,wok and wisdom Says:

    Hi there!
    I seem to be having the same problem as Mel in her post above.The red colored portions of the template seem to have disappeared and the heading for my individual blogposts are not showing up.Also the main header has disappeared completely leaving just the white backgroung behind.Is there any problem with the servers or is there any problem in my system.Please reply…appreciate your help immensely.

  48. Melissa T Says:

    Hi – I’m also having the same problem as the above two posts. Any assistance if greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  49. Chris Says:

    Hi – sorry, I have the same problem!

    Maybe somebody can help :) ?

    Thanks a lot!!

  50. noury Says:

    goshh… i tot that i’m the only one facing the disappearance of the red color. i already try re-downloading the template but nothing change. hey pls help us. i love to tell you that before i use your template i keep changing mind to find one that suits me. now that i found it, i really hope that you will come out with the way out. thanx ya!

  51. alperen Says:

    great template. thanks

  52. nani Says:

    thanks! awesome template. love the colour!

  53. Bruce Says:

    great template. thanks

  54. criminal records Says:

    Thank you for another great post about Download Isabela Blogger Template. Where else can anyone get this kind of information in such a perfect manner of writing? I have a meeting next week, and I am trying to find such information.

  55. Laura Says:

    I love your templates, they’re really beautiful. Please keep making them :)

  56. Admin Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Glad you love them, you can support us by donating ;)

  57. Becky Says:

    I’m having the same problem as others have already mentioned here. Someone Please Please Please help us!!

  58. Meikah Delid Says:

    Hi, I really love this template. But it doesn’t have the comment feature? I have installed disqus, but it’s not showing too. Please help me figure it out. I need the comments feature. Thanks much! :)

  59. Becky Says:

    Is there any hope that my missing template (ie my header and post title backgrounds) will re-appear or do I need to start over and load the template again? Please help!

  60. Admin Says:


    I realised the template you are using is not downloaded from here. The images there are hosted on a blogspot account while the images from our templates are hosted on our own servers. You may want to redownload the template from our side and upload it to have your images back.


  61. Becky Says:

    9 Days after my template, site design, disappeared it re-appeared again! Yay! all is back to normal.

  62. Admin Says:


    Glad your blog is finally back to perfect :)

    Dont worry about your images disappearing again as we pay for our servers monthly which cost more than $500/mth to host the images. If you can, please feel free to donate to our cause to providing lifetime image hosting for free to all our users. Thank you! :)

    BTF Admin

  63. LC Says:

    Hi Admin.

    Thanks a lot for the template, but just discovered it dissapeared. Really appreciate your designs and would love to keep it.

  64. Admin Says:


    Our server hosting the images have been experiencing some problems but its up again and your template images should load again.


  65. mirror files Says:

    could i add this entry? i will add a link to this post.. let me know please, thanks

  66. KerryMai Says:

    Its a cool template. Very stylish and professional. Will use it on my blog.

  67. Martinia Says:

    I fixed it…YIPPEE!!!

  68. Martinia Says:

    Hi Admin, Please help. I have my POST TITLE back but the verbiage is not centered in the lovely red background. It is in the Top Left corner, cutting off some of the words. I love your template…it just doesn’t seem to love me. Any help would really be appreciated.

  69. admin Says:

    Hi Martinia,

    Do you mean top right corner of the red header banner? Cos right now I am seeing the blog title saying Life, Love & Light Images and the words Light Images are blended into the white fanciful flowers artwork. Are you referring to this?

    There is no way you can avoid that with a long Blog Title I am afraid.

    BTF Admin

  70. pastells Says:

    Very nice theme.. i like it
    i user this for my blog

  71. onetow Says:

    thx let me try it

  72. Tobias Says:

    That’s a beauty, thank you!

  73. Exclusive news Says:

    I download the templat thanks.

  74. Renee Says:

    Is it possible to change the font on the post title to something smaller so that longer titles are possible? I know zip about html btw :)

  75. albrqcom Says:

    Thank you
    very very good

  76. Shahzad Says:

    Really nice template m using this on my blogger blog thankx admin……

  77. Shear Says:

    Nice template….


  78. jewelrycleaner Says:

    Nice template, i will using this on my blogger blog thank alot

  79. mircea Says:

    I think that this free sample is good for nothing. There is no style.css to be uploaded. Where I can find it?

  80. Arunima Chandran Says:

    Very nice template I love your website. Thank You

  81. Serial Chaska Says:

    nice templet thankx for sharing this great templet

  82. jeYShie Says:

    Very Good Template. . .

    saya Mau Download

  83. albrqnet Says:

    very very good
    Thank you

  84. Obat Untuk Diabetes Says:

    Isabella is come from spanish. I love it.

  85. Elizbeth Duttinger Says:

    Some truly nice and useful information on this web site, too I believe the layout has fantastic features.

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    strongzz It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  87. korina Says:

    Hi. i love this template, but i have a problem with it. On my home page, the post titles are ok, when i click on the navigation bar on a post, it openes, but the title is not centered at all..It’s somewhere in the left corner and i can hardly see what the title says. Can you tell me what’s the problem??

  88. wypadek drogowy Says:

    Ich möchte Ihnen für diese Hinweise danken. Sie sind sehr nützlich.

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