Japanese Fleur

Japanese Fleur

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Japanese Fleur blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.



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Added:April 20th, 2009
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60 Responses to “Japanese Fleur”

  1. andri Says:


  2. beggers nw Says:


  3. TheLavishBug Says:

    Love it!

    Thank you so much for this amazing template.

    Is anyone else having an issue with the search button not loading? It doesn’t seem to load in the preview above either.

  4. H Says:

    yes, I uploaded this template and found the search field wasn’t working…
    also, i didn’t think it was all that easy to edit, although I am not extremely savvy with this stuff yet!!
    However, i do abslutely love it… I may give it another go…

  5. Mona Says:

    Ok can someone help me figure out how I am suppose to put this them on my blogger site? I am so new at this and lost? Please help!

  6. Swank Says:

    Hi Mona,

    In Blogger, click on Layout in the Menu Navigational bar, followed by ‘Edit HTML’. There you will see a browse button and a upload field. Download this template here, unzip it, and upload the .xml file and click upload in Blogger and the template would be up :)

  7. Gina Says:

    Hello, Swank,

    In your answer to Mona, you said to download the template here. Which here do you download and unzip it? Don’t understand your answer. Please explain further.

  8. Admin Says:

    Hi Gina,

    There is a Download Button here in red color right at the top below the template screenshot, can you see it? Click on it and the template will be downloaded to your computer :) fter which you would need to unzip it as it is in zipped format.

  9. Gina Says:

    Thank you Swank for your help. I have another question. It may seem dumb though. Do I Open this file during downloading or do I save it? Again thanks for your help with this.

  10. Swank Says:

    Your welcome Gina :) Click on save it.

  11. Gina Says:

    Thank you again Swank for your help. As you can see, I’m not exactly computer savvy. I have one other question for you. I was getting an error message when I tried to upload this. I just found out that you can’t upload a zipped file which is what this is. Could you help me one more time. I do appreciate this. A big thank you for taking the time to help.

  12. Admin Says:

    Hi Gina,

    You would need to unzip the folder first. You can download winrar, type ‘download free winrar’ in Google and download it, install winrar and then right click on the template zipped folder and click Extract here.

    After you have unzipped the folder, you can find a file in it called JapaneseFleur.xml. This is the file you upload to blogger, hope that helps :)

  13. Gina Says:

    Hello, Admin. Thank you for your help. Your instruction helped a great deal. Thank you thank you.

  14. Kristin Says:

    This is a beautiful template and I have it loaded thank you! Is there anyway to add the date to the blog posts? I am not sure what to edit in the xml.. thank you!!!

  15. Admin Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  16. Hery Says:

    K…My time format (the third field in the edit blog post section of the Edit Layout screen) is formatted corrected; but if you look at my blog, it’s populating all my blogs with the same date field. This is quite irritating…Can you offer suggestions…

  17. Petyew Says:

    I had this template installed yesterday. Clean and refreshing and I love it. Have 2 questions that I need help.

    1. I cannot edit my post except by going back to the Dashboard, choose the blog and edit posts. Is there a shortcut available that I don’t know of or do I need to tweak the HTML?

    2. It would be great if I can enlarge the text size a little. How do I do it?

    Thanks and merry Christmas and happy New Year.

  18. admin Says:

    Hi Petyew,

    I am afraid you have to go to the dashboard to add or edit new post. This template was converted from WordPress hence it is abit different from the normal blogger templates.

    As for increasing the text size, I did a google search and found this useful:

    Would greatly appreciate if you can mention about us BTF in your another template post ;) Merry Christmas!

  19. Petyew Says:

    Thanks for the font size tip. After sending the earlier email I experimented with using a larger font size when I created the latest post which is now more readable. Do check and let me know if you find it better than the default size. This method does not allow visitors to increase or decrease font size at will. In another post I will link BTF to my readers attention.

  20. Admin Says:

    Yes Petyew, the font is bigger and nicer now! =) Did you try this increased font size in a different way from the one I showed you? How do you do it?

    Thanks! :)

  21. Petyew Says:

    The method I’ve used:

    In the post text box there is an option to change font size. The default is normal and I highlight all the text and changed the font size to large before I publish the post.

    The new method I plan to use:

    I have just modified below section of the HTML file to

    html {
    font-family:tahoma, arial;

    Originally the font size was 11px.

    Check my blog to see if the text are more readable. The two latest posts were created using the first method described at the top of this reply. I have not written a new post to test if tweaking the HTML file will produce the same effect without changing the default font size from normal to large.

  22. Admin Says:

    Ooh yea why didnt I thought of that lol, I use wordpress btw so not too familar with blogger configs. I think the code you changed might be the correct one. I was searching for something along the line of text though none of those I found were the correct one. Have a great day! :)

  23. Muzamil kv inr Says:

    Thank you..! what an amazing template

  24. Volfness Says:

    My gods, I’m so amazed!

  25. alewan Says:

    This is a very neat and elegant template, but there is a big problem with it: comments don’t work, even in the demo :( Is there any HTML fix for this? Please help :) Thanks

  26. Swank Says:

    Hmm ok I will see if it can be fixed, will upload the template again here and update via comments once its fixed.

  27. alewan Says:

    Thank you very much, I’ll be waiting. You can see what the problem is here. It’s my student’s blog, part of our blogging project, and she asked me for help.
    From what I can see, quite a few WordPress-derived templates seem to have similar issues.
    Thanks again :)

  28. Swank Says:

    Hmm do you know where to get the comment page link alewan?

  29. alewan Says:

    Hi again. I’m not sure I understand, sorry. Do you mean the link you need to open to make a comment? Below a post? I can see that it looks different in this template (an anchor in HTML), while normally it has a blog ID number and post ID. But I don’t know how to change this. Do I need to “get” something from Blogger and paste it somewhere? Sorry to be such a pain. You are being very patient – thank you again.

  30. Swank Says:

    Hmm, nvm I will see if my coder can fix this and re-upload. I will update via comments here once this template is fixed for comments.

  31. alewan Says:

    Me again. I found a solution – it’s in Blogger’s comments setup. My student’s blog had had a default setup for comments to appear below the post. When we changed it to a comments page, it began to work. I had no idea this could matter before you asked me about the comments page link. Perhaps other users of this beautiful template will find this information useful. Once again thank you very much for your concern and the hint. The template works perfectly now – and is worth all the effort. Cheers.

  32. Swank Says:

    Hi Alewan,

    That’s great! Thanks for the tip, how do you change it to a comments page?

  33. alewan Says:

    In Blogger Settings go to Comments and there are three options for “Comment Form Placement”: Full page, Pop-up window and Embedded below post. All you need to do is select Full page. Nice and simple. Thanks again!

  34. tamiko Says:

    This is a very nice template! I am having the same problem with the search field and I am missing the button image for that field. I just uploaded it about 30 mins ago.

  35. Andalusia Says:

    I recently used this template but I realized it doesn’t really suit my need, so I decided to retain my original blah Harbor template. Thing is, now the date/timestamp is forever stuck on top of the post, along with my name, when I want it to be at the bottom of my post like before. How can I fix it?

  36. rifad Says:

    like it

  37. charlie Says:

    How can I make the search box work or delete that part of the html altogether? Beautiful template, I just want it fully functional, thanks!

  38. Swank Says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Is the search function not working for you? It seems to be working on the demo here.

  39. kirpicsis Says:

    thank-you for such a beautiful template

  40. Festival Flowers Says:

    Pretty cool template, I’ll use it for my other flowers blog.

  41. blossom Says:

    Hi, I downloaded this template and love it!! However I have come accross a prob… how do i find the buttons that say new blog? I can not find anything to let me edit or write a new one? Can anyone help me :o )

  42. fayaz Says:

    templates are very superb and domain name is little difficult

  43. IsMa Says:

    hi… i can download but the file is corrupted. can u please help me?

  44. Ann Says:

    I downloaded this last week. It worked great, but not the header for the blog has disappeared. I went in and re-uploaded it in hopes of fixing the problem, but it hasn’t. Any ideas on why the header has disappeared and how to fix it? Thanks!

  45. chantelle Says:

    thnk you soo much for this designi know it takes a lot of time to make one… and to be able to use it 4 free is great

  46. hoga Says:

    nice one , thanks.

  47. corinne Says:

    I love this template although the rendering is very different on my mac versus PC. I can’t get the comments to work on either! I have ‘comments’ enabled, but they still wont’ work. Please help.

  48. corinne Says:

    I noticed the suggestion above to switch comments to ‘full page’ and this worked. Is there a fix to have comments appear right after the post?

  49. Hot Hollywood Celebrity Says:

    nice one this blog design I love this template

  50. Laura Says:

    I’m wanting to delete the search box from the template. Does anyone know what part of the code to delete? I’ve tried messing around with it but since I know NOTHING about html I’m a little stuck.

  51. Rochell Romenesko Says:

    Excellent post, I will be sure to bookmark this in my Del.icio.us account. Have a great day.

  52. energy of magnetic Says:

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  53. MaryM Says:

    Can i used this template with windows or just safari?

  54. Swank Says:

    Hi Mary,

    This template works great across all browsers from Windows IE, Firefox, Opera to Safari as well.


  55. MaryM Says:

    What program can I edit the template in? I cant get it to render correctly.

  56. Swank Says:

    Hi Mary,

    You can open the .xml file in Notepad to edit. You can also use dreamweaver if you have it.


  57. MaryM Says:

    Im going to need more help.
    I loaded the xml file into DW and the template still wont render correctly I even moved the images to the same folder.

    Any other suggestions?


  58. Pebrialsen Says:

    Wow,.,.,nice template,.,.,

  59. Mochamad Tholib Says:

    Very beautiful. Thanks, I’ll apply it.

  60. Obat Untuk Diabetes Says:

    beutiful tempaltes. thanks

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