Made in Spain

Made in Spain

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Made in Spain blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Added:April 20th, 2009
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118 Responses to “Made in Spain”

  1. Suneo Says:

    Aju ingin mengambil template ini, bagaimana caranya?

  2. taschya Says:

    hemm, ia bagaimana caranya sih? mklum aku masih gaptek nih

  3. bikal Says:

    Very goo themes but why is this zipped file not opening. It says it is corrupted Please help admin

  4. Swank Says:

    Hi Bikal,

    I just tried downloading and could unzip the file just fine. Did you mean when you upload the .xml template file to your blog then it says corrupted?


  5. naveed anjum Says:


  6. naveed anjum Says:

    nice template

  7. naveed anjum Says:

    good template

  8. GMH Says:

    Am I allowed to alter this template slightly if I use it?

  9. Swank Says:

    Yes, you can modify the template as long as you keep the footer links intact.

  10. Ranjitsachin Says:

    Its good template. When we scrolling scrollbar in outside to inside, then we are getting background position problem.. Try to change it…

  11. sekedar berbagi Says:

    thanks your share !

  12. Jenny Says:

    How could i put it to my blog? Im trying but not working…please help me to get the html or the codes

  13. Admin Says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Did you unzip the downloaded folder? You would need to unzip the folder before you can see a madeinspain.xml file. This is the file you use to upload to Blogger. Let me know if you need anymore help :)

  14. Nabila Says:

    how to put this template to my blog? I can’t do it, I’m a beginner. Please help me. Thank you.

  15. Swank Says:

    Hi Nabila,

    Go to blogger ‘Layout’ -> Edit HTML and upload the MadeinSpain.xml file and your good.

  16. Agnes Says:

    dairy from spain

  17. Muhammad Irfan Says:

    what a beautiful templet for blog.

  18. Mira Annisa Says:

    Can anyone help me how to download this template and put it as my blog theme? I had tried for times downloading it, but I failed. It couldn’t be saved as unzip.

    If I can download this theme succesfully, please tell how to make it as blog theme.

    Thanks in advance, everyone.

  19. yana Says:


  20. Mira Annisa Says:

    Hi Admin / Swank,

    Can I have your email? Maybe you can direct me to download this theme.


  21. raziems Says:

    Senang sahaja, download, kemudian extract. Masukkan ke blogger kemudian upload file *.xml.

  22. Karla Says:

    Hello Swank,

    I have been looking through “oh so many” templates and I have come across several of yours; I love them all; they are beautiful! I wasn’t able to make this one work. I followed the instructions and all I can see are scripts when I go view my blog. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  23. James Says:

    Hmm maybe you can post your blog url in the website field of the comments and I will take a look and see whats wrong.

  24. qijin Says:

    hey, i wonder how do you edit the edit thingy

  25. Muzamil inr Says:

    Hi thanx…&nice…but It not showing pictures on blog

  26. Muzamil kv inr Says:

    Sorry! I get it .. It was becouse of my networwork was dim

  27. Cybertron Says:

    lovely ..i am going to use it…

  28. fahmi Says:

    cool template like this thank u

  29. atienanurin Says:

    idont know what happen to my blog after i use d template. why i cant edit my blog? and may i know what is the function Home, Comment RSS, and 3 other button?

  30. Swank Says:

    Hi Atienanurin,

    T edit your blog post etc, you need to access your blogger dashboard to do that.

    As for Home buttons etc, you can change them to the page you want by going to Layout -> Edit HTML and do a CTRL + F search for those keywords and you can change the urls to link to the page you want. Its a menu navigatinal bar basically. Hope that helps.


  31. Mariah Says:

    I can’t download the file…how do I do this?

  32. peiyan Says:


    I have a problem in posting comments. when I click on “post a comment”, nothing happens. Can someone help?


  33. Dina Says:

    Hi, I have uploaded the theme, nice. And I have changed the ‘comment rss’ etc, but I don’t know how to make the link that when people click it, they can see the other page, and I don’t know how to make the page. Help me please :)
    Thx Swank

  34. Swank Says:

    Hey Dina,

    To make that page, simply create a blog post and then get the URL. After that go to Layout -> Edit HTML and search for the keywords you see on the menu link navigation bar such as ‘download made in spain’ without the quotes in there and you will find the place to replace the links on the navigational bar. Hope that helps!


  35. Dina Says:

    Thx for the answer but how to get the URL? Just save the new post? Sorry for asking such a simple question. I’m a new blogger :-)
    Thx anyway

  36. mohsin Says:

    thank for sharing such nice template

  37. Lee Says:

    nice template….but may i know how can i unzip it?because i having error during unzip…i try both WinRAR and Winzip,yet i still not able to unzip..or can you please email it to me without zipping it?

  38. Admin Says:

    Hi Lee,

    I tried downloading it and unzipping works fine for me. I am using winrar. Have you tried right click on the zipped folder and click on Unzip Here? What is the error that you are seeing?

  39. Karthick Says:

    I also cannot be able to extract it, why? Can anyone tell me?

  40. Admin Says:

    Hi Karthick,

    Which software are you using to extract the files?

  41. seo updates Says:

    Thanks for sharing this one…

  42. Susan Says:

    Really nice template… is this for free?

  43. Admin Says:

    Yes it is for free Susan :) All the template images are hosted on our dedicated servers as well so you dont have to worry about the images being deleted as they never will. Feel free to leave a donation if you would like to help us keep going :)

  44. Tintin Says:

    Thanks, this is nice template, I used it in my class, but how to make “read more” in this template? I tried to change it in my setting but it can’t work. Could you please help me?

  45. Moses Killough Says:

    Hello there, I must mention this is a smart way of thinking.If you could add more opinions would be brilliant. I’ll certainly be back on this blog again soon. God bless you

  46. ekozul Says:

    it’s cool… thank’s…

  47. Anny Says:

    Thanks, this is nice template

  48. Forex BulletProof Says:

    It is very interesting indeed.its gave me many lot of inform which is was very much essential for me.

  49. Zal Says:

    Raziems..thanx..baru tau cmner nk unzip file..

  50. ruby Says:

    Really nice template

  51. Louise Lambert Says:

    Once again another great post. I actually have a couple of things to ask you, would you have some time to answer them?

  52. ally Says:

    how to put this template on blogger after i unzipped it?? somebody help me

  53. Swank Says:


    Go to your blogger dashboard -> Design tab -> and you can see a text field where you can upload MadeInSpain.xml file which can be found in the folder you downloaded. And your good to go. :)

  54. Says:

    tak coba dulu template nya……

  55. Zyzz Says:

    Great layout brah.

  56. Generasi Bobroks Says:

    ask why ??

  57. Faz FF Says:

    Hye..why i can’t open the xml..i have unzip the layout but it still can open it..Please do a reply soon

  58. Strawberry Says:

    Good one, but it didn’t look nice with all my widgets.

  59. jeff Says:

    great themes,thanks for it.

  60. sayting Says:

    Thanks for sharing this one…

  61. Mbah Kuncen Says:

    Nice template… Bagus sekali….

  62. Bos Tuyul Says:

    Bagus… Menarik…




  63. hesham Says:

    very good template

  64. md.sumon Says:

    time and tide waste for nane

  65. md.sumon Says:

    time and tide waters for none

  66. Al's Says:

    It’s so good template… but i have a problem with the header description. I can’t see it wholly because it’s hidden by the body. How to solve it..

  67. Devilnangel Says:

    Why I can’t open?

  68. Devilnangel Says:

    Great themes….but I can’t open it…why?

  69. Devilnangel Says:

    Oh gosh….

  70. admin Says:

    Do you have winrar, winzip or 7zip?

    You need to unzip the folder first before you can see the files.

  71. teecup Says:

    This is quite an attractive template. I wonder how will my existing blog look when I use this template…. Will my ads and selected widgets blend on the page? I’m afraid they might look a bit “off.” What exactly did you mean when you indicated that this template is adsense ready?

    Sorry for all the questions (just started my blog), and thank you!

  72. Shirly Kato Says:

    This is a very useful post, I was looking for this information. Just so you know I discovered your site when I was searching for blogs like mine, so please check out my site sometime and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

  73. kakarmand Says:

    nice for personal blog ..
    i like this template

  74. agungichwanto Says:

    i like it!,,,,,,,,,,its wonderful bloggertemplates,,,,,,,,,k k k k k

  75. Guess who am I? Says:

    Erm, I’m a beginner and doesnt know much about this – does this have copyright? Im allergic to it… :(

  76. cik nunu Says:

    hey! nu nak template ni tu blog nu bole .. tp mcmne erk? tk reti lah

  77. Kevjumbo rawks~ :) Says:

    Do this templete have copyright…?

  78. imeesyalala Says:

    hi , i can’t found ‘design tab’ in my dashboard to upload it to my blog.
    where is it located and how does it work?
    fyi, i have unzipped my files

  79. atiaaaaa Says:

    cam mane nk ambik template !
    dh download x dpt pon

  80. Omggggggggggggggg . Says:

    Hi I can’t open / use the template ! ):

  81. sweet Says:

    This is a very useful post, I was looking for this information.

  82. sweet Says:

    Very goo themes but why is this zipped file not opening. It says it is corrupted Please help admin

  83. Akin Says:

    you did right

  84. Akin Says:

    This a good idea

  85. Anmin Says:

    Thanks for you help

  86. Andi Says:

    What happened?

  87. Ramlan Tjong Says:

    Nice desain. I have my own style also

  88. NFH Says:

    Sorry but I couldnt find any upload button. I clicked “template” and then “edit HTML” and then there’s this huge text box and there’s no upload button there. Please help me with this. thanks :)

  89. HealthMag Says:

    i think you just need to upload the files to layout.

  90. agus Says:

    such a good design. simple, but have strong character. nice looking. actually i want to used it for my blog, but i filed getting it. “not found”. could you help me? thanks before.

  91. lala Says:

    how to upload this template?

  92. Obat Untuk Diabetes Says:

    cakep benar nih templates.

  93. Angel Says:

    Can I have your email?

  94. Angel Says:

    Maybe this is a good idea

  95. linda Says:

    I think so ,this is a good idea

  96. Jhon Says:

    I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this website has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  97. Mei Says:

    Realy beauty template. ^^

  98. braden greews Says:

    great template. most beautifull

  99. Chacca May Says:

    Hello Swank,
    it’s very beautiful template.
    but, how do I download this template?


  100. Andy Says:

    Very goo themes but why is this zipped file not opening.

  101. Angel Says:

    i think you just need to upload the files to layout.

  102. Angel Says:

    I clicked “template” and then “edit HTML” and then there’s this huge text box and there’s no upload button there.

  103. Vinterjackor Says:

    Looks very clean and cool, I love that design.

  104. Mike Says:

    very good template

  105. Mike Says:

    nice for personal blog ..

  106. Marilee Sinor Says:

    Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it expand over time. Bless you!

  107. lu Says:

    Show alternative translations

  108. huang Says:

    Thanks for you help

  109. huang Says:

    very good template thanks

  110. Becks Says:

    I like this templet, so nice for blog..

  111. micah Says:

    ahhm, i’m really a beginner and i dont have any idea about unzipping the code using WinRaR. can you help me? i really love this template.

  112. nabila Says:

    aii,can u please help me about this template?
    what should i do after download this template?

  113. Vinterjackor Says:

    Which is you favourite template all-time?

  114. Setetes Embun Says:

    naasib orang bodo seperti aku…serba bingung…heheee

  115. Apple Says:

    such a good design. simple, but have strong character. nice looking. actually i want to used it for my blog

  116. Andy Says:

    This is quite an attractive template.

  117. nolooo Says:

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  118. franklin marshall Says:

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