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Natural blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Instructions:Installation and settings
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Added:April 20th, 2009
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15 Responses to “Natural”

  1. ML photo Says:

    If I paste this in where you edit the HTML for my blogger page, will it erase my previous posts? or will it just change the theme?

  2. Admin Says:

    No it will not delete your previous posts. It will only change the theme. :)

  3. fafa Says:

    i really dont know how to get use it .
    after we download this . then , what should we do ?
    And how can we get the html ?

  4. Swank Says:

    Hi fafa,

    Are you using the old HTML blogger or the new XML blogger?

    This template only works for new XML blogger blogs, not the old HTML ones.

  5. Lady Blue Says:

    What do I do after downloading and opening the zip file. The installation directions won’t open.

  6. azieni Says:

    i finished downloading the code and it was saved in note pad..when i open the notepad,i’m really shocked!
    there’s word that i don’t understand at all…it’s not english…
    what’s going on?

  7. Admin Says:

    Hi Azieni,

    You need to use winrar, winzip or 7zip to unzip the files first. You can’t just open it like that. After you unzip the files then you will see the Natural.xml file in there, thats the file you upload to blogger.

  8. lyana Says:

    i dunno how to the code into my blog..plz assist me..

  9. zoan Says:

    how to unzip the file?

  10. Swank Says:

    Hi Zoan,

    You need to download and install either winzip, winrar, or 7zip. These are free softwares to unzip the files from here. Once you have installed any of these unzip software just right click on the download template file here and click Extract all and it will unzip.


  11. Friv Says:

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