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ImpreZZ blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Instructions:Installation and settings
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Category:3 Columns, Blue, Business, Right Sidebar
Added:April 17th, 2009
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36 Responses to “ImpreZZ”

  1. Jodi Says:

    How do you get the date to work? It is not defined in your live demo – love the template – please email me.

  2. Swank Says:

    Hi Jodi,

    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  3. phonank Says:

    Download >>


  4. dfmb Says:

    How can I replace the “Imprezz” logo in the top right with my own, and substitute something else for the “undefined” picture that’s tied to each post?

    Are there instructions someplace? thanks.

  5. Swank Says:

    Hi dfmb,

    For the undefined part, please refer to comment #2.

    For the change of logo image, go to ‘Layout’ -> ‘Edit HTML’ and do a CTLR + F search for ImpreZZ/logo

    You need to upload your logo image to a free image hosting site and then replace that url with the url in your template file.

  6. M.Azr Says:

    i make simple blog and thinking to make it properly when it works and respons good then i change there template.
    now i see imprezz template but it dose not works.

    Plz help me

  7. Swank Says:

    Hi M.Azr,

    Did you upload the whole Imprezz.xml as it is? I just tried doing that and there was no errors found. But I do see your blog template is kinda messed up.

  8. bree Says:

    how do i get other widgets to align with the right sidebar? Every new widget i add isnt aligned properly.

  9. Mikee Says:


    In the CSS section #sidebar add the following line between the { and } delimiters.

    text-align: center;


  10. Nate Says:


    Can you explain that a little futher, please?

    I still don’t understand how to fix my widgets’ alignments.

  11. Affan Says:

    wow, this one looks gorgeous.
    however, i was thinking if I could make the small column at the center at the left side too. And eliminate the most right column.

    If possible, can you email it to me.

  12. gmoso3 Says:

    could you please tell me how to install de template in my blog?


  13. LiYong Says:

    Hi, How am i supposed to get started by adding the html code into blogspot?

  14. BornOnBeat Says:

    Loving this template, 2 questions though:

    None of my post are showing the tags (or labels), how can I change this?

    Also, how do I change the font and font size for the center bar? I like the all caps links, those are fine, but when I put in other gadgets such as a poll or something, it’s a completely different font, and it’s much too big.

    thanks in advance

  15. Phil Bornhurst Says:

    Why is the server for the graphics down??? My site looks horrible right now because of it! Who knows about this, and is this going to be fixed soon??

  16. Swank Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Yes I am sorry to say that our hardware went down, we are putting in new hardware as we speak, the graphics should show up in about a few more hours time.

    I hope for your understanding, its not easy hosting tons of graphics for over hundreds of thousands of people. And we do this all for free.


  17. Pam Hogeweide Says:

    love my blogger template (watercolor) and know that sometimes there will be short disruptions. But magically the graphics always reappear and all is right once again in the blogosphere. No worries from me. Totally love how generous you are with your techno-savviness!!!

  18. Swank Says:

    Thank you Pam for your kindness. We are also looking at getting a pure dedicated server just for hosting the images alone though that would cost us over $500 a month. But we will keep improving so that the graphics dont go down.

  19. Phil Bornhurst Says:

    Thanks swank! You guys are the best!

    Can you please tell me how to get the tags to show up on my posts with this template??

  20. Swank Says:

    Hi Phil,

    Are you referring to categories? In blogger categories are known as labels, have you tried assigning a post to a label yet? I think it should appear after that, but if it doesnt then this blog is not created for this fashion.

  21. Drama Dupree Says:

    you guys are the best… thanks for this design. I just uploaded it and followed ur directions on how to change out a few things and this works great for me… again thanks!

  22. Admin Says:

    Hi DD,

    Glad that you like the template! :) You can be rest assured your template wont break as we host all the images on our dedicated servers. Have a great day!


  23. Emis Says:


    Please how fix Set up Date ?



  24. Emis Says:

    ok :)

    “change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.”

  25. VMB Says:

    just wondering how to add my twitter account to the ImpreZZ format. Thanks!

  26. Admin Says:

    Hi VMB,

    Go to your blogger dashboard -> Layout and add a gadget to the spot you want and search for the Twitter gadget.


  27. inpos Says:


    Please how fix Set up Date ?


    plz replay


  28. inpos Says:

    thx “Swank Says” i get a solition from ur post

  29. hwood Says:

    why cant I download it? it does not seem to work, someone please help I had it before on my page but now it doesnt seem to work

  30. Admin Says:

    Hi hwood,

    what error are you seeing and on where are you seeing it? I am able to download the template just fine.

  31. hwood Says:

    I press download and it downloads but then I have xml file or html file to put into my blogger.

  32. hwood Says:

    i have no*

  33. hwood Says:

    Someone help, I keep getting this in the xml file This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 900 at column 15: Failed to parse QName ‘expr:g:’
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    and then a number 1 with a mail icon above it! UGH!

  34. hashif Says:

    wow! nice template ..i used it in my new blog..…..but how to set copyrignt the footer?….

  35. Freeabizz Says:

    Thanks for share, this is cool template

  36. Star Tv Forum Says:

    very nice templet i like it very much..

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