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Notepad Chaos

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Notepad Chaos template for free download on Blogger Templates. This template is fully compatible with any shared web hosting.


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Added:April 16th, 2009
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105 Responses to “Notepad Chaos”

  1. admin Says:

    To fix the Undefined Date function:

    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  2. Sharmistha Says:

    Ok, I uploaded the template and it looks nice but there seem to be some problems…like my friends and links tab is barely visible and hence, not usable. What do I need to do?

  3. Miranda Says:

    Hey Sharmistha! Mine is doing the same thing.

  4. suzanne Says:

    i have the same problem with the friends link. also would love to add things to my sidebar and edit colors of my posts but the editing page in blogger is almost impossible to read. any suggestions or tips to make this template a little friendlier? :)

  5. Holly Says:

    To fix the “Friends and Links” tab, open up the xml in notepad, click on Edit, and “Find” the word “friend”. It should take you to the following place. Take away the 50% altogether, and switch the padding top to be 70 px like this:

    #content .col02 .links {
    background:url( no-repeat 8px;

    That should do it!

  6. Swank Says:

    Thanks Holly for the tip!

  7. Holly Says:

    Your welcome! One more thing to add though…

    I just discovered that if you add a lot of “links”, the “Friends & Links” gif will appear to ‘move’. What’s happening is the “padding-top” isn’t large enough to accommodate a large link list, nor is it dynamic enough to automatically adjust as you add links to your site.

    Easiest way to fix that is to follow the same directions above, but instead of making the padding-top be 70px, you’ll need to experiment by increasing this number and seeing what works for you. Click the preview button to check out your work and see if it formats correctly for you.

    I had to actually increase mine to 225px. But it works great! I really love this template for it’s uniqueness.

  8. M Reddy Says:

    How do you make the drop-down post-it tabs actually take the reader somewhere (About, Archives)? I’ve found the place in the HTML where a URL seems to show where it’s supposed to go. (So sorry to ask a retarded question… Am very new to XML/HTML and blogging!) Do I just edit this to the URL I want it to be?

    #about a:hover {
    background:transparent url( -107px 0px no-repeat;
    #archives a:hover {
    background:transparent url( -214px 0px no-repeat;

  9. Emoke Says:

    can anyone tell why Friends&Links does not work? I mean, I did all the job :) mentioned above, but still not works..
    love this template!! :)

  10. Millie Says:

    I downloaded the template but have no idea how to get it onto the blog! Is there a tutorial somewhere? Thanks

  11. Swank Says:

    Hi Millie,

    After you download and unzipped it you should find NotepadChaos.xml in it. Go to your blogger dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML and upload NotepadChaos.xml and the template will show up :)

  12. kirpicsis Says:

    very nice :)

  13. Calee Says:

    Can you add photos or vids to this template? Thanx

  14. audra Says:

    Yes, please could someone tell me how to change the post its in the right hand corner (home, about, archive) so that the correct links are there??

  15. reno Says:

    how can we edit the about & archive links so that it would direct the user to the correct page and links?

  16. Lady Blue Says:

    What do I do with this undefined tab on the left hand side of the template? It’s beautiful. and I still don’t know how to make the links actually link to something. I’m a day into this!

  17. Lady Blue Says:

    Oh and how do you edit to change the fonts? Do I need to take a class?

  18. reno Says:

    how can we customize the category list?

  19. Mariah Says:

    blogster doesnt use the pages other than home…how do i do use them?

  20. emiz Says:

    hi i am trying to unzip this file but i cant seem to find it i hav looked everywhere could u plz tell me how to unzip this file i would really appreciate it.

  21. Nora Ibsen Says:

    All day long the screen is just showing up green with my text and photos, etc, but not with the rest of the template. All the nice things. Can you tell me what is happening?

  22. kaz Says:

    Couldn’t get the date to work even though I followed the instructions above.

  23. Nicole Says:

    I’ve got the same problem at Nora Ibsen.

  24. Swank Says:

    Hi Nicole, have you tried this yet?

    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  25. kat Says:

    I cannot get the usual Blogger stuff to be at the top, like the dashboard, when I use one of these templates… anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

  26. Admin Says:

    Hey Kat,

    This template was converted from wordpress to blogger. I am afraid you have to go to blogger dashboard to add or edit posts. Sorry about that.


  27. kat Says:

    Sorry, I am html/xml dumb, but does that mean I can’t use one of these templates if I want all of that stuff at the top?

  28. Admin Says:

    Yep thats right Kat, actually the top stuff is just a quick navigation link to add new posts, it just takes a few more seconds to get to the blogger dashboard by the url ;)

  29. lu Says:

    i cant seem to be able to downlaod the templatee, got any tips?

  30. krys Says:

    Hi got it downloaded, but cant log in to fix any of it. Theres no login tab?? How do I fix that?

  31. admin Says:

    Hi Krys,

    Are you referring to logging in to blogger dashboard? You need to access blogger site to do that.

  32. Rebecca Says:

    I figured out how to get the Home/About/Archive links at the top of the page to work if anyone still hasn’t gotten their question answered:

    Search through the HTML code until you find the following. Then insert the page addresses into the fields as I’ve indicated below with the words ADDRESS TO YOUR PAGE HERE. That’s it.



    Thank you everyone for all your help with this layout!! Hopefully this helps someone in return.

  33. Rebecca Says:

    oops the code disappeared. (newbie mistake, ey?)



  34. Rebecca Says:

    darn it. forget it. I tried.

  35. Celeste Says:

    Back to the “Friends and Links” part. I followed the directions stated above to align the header and the list but now I have way too much blank space between this item and the one above (I believe it is the categories section). I have no clue about HTML but have been following the directions given this far just fine. Thanks for the help.

  36. Sarah Says:

    How do we get the About and Archives links to work?

  37. lilo Says:

    where’s the code? n wt r the steps?

  38. Alia Says:

    Thanks guys for the help regarding the undefined date and home/about/archive links. Mine’s working fine now :)

    I have one more issue, I want to add a socialfeed under EACH post.
    If I add the scripts using blogger basic HTML/Javascript widget, I can only place the widget under ALL post in the page. Can anyone help?

  39. missy Says:

    hi swank, i tried pasting the codes but nothing showed up. please advise, thanks!

    btw, great skin!! :D

  40. missy Says:

    hi swank, i tried with ‘coffee desk’ template and same thing happened, as in there seems to be some error. when i preview after pasting the codes, it showed a blank page.

    please help, thanks!

  41. Admin Says:

    Hi Missy,

    CoffeeDesk template is currently not available due to it not working on the latest browsers.

    As for Notepad Chaos template. After you downloaded it you need to unzip it then you will find NotepadChaos.xml inside it. You need to upload this file by going to your blogger dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML and upload from there then save. It should work.


  42. missy Says:

    hi swank, thanks for the prompt response.

    yes i did unzip and got the codes. after pasting it into blogger, it does not work in the preview. i’ve changed the blog skin many times, but not sure why this does not work.

  43. Admin Says:

    Hi Missy,

    Did you upload the whole file by the text box field uploader or did you open and copy paste the codes into the code box?

  44. missy Says:

    i cannot open the xml doc in browser, hence opened in wordpad and copied the codes into blogger.

  45. missy Says:

    there is no uploader option, i go ‘Template’, under ‘Edit HTML’ and paste the codes.

    is there another way to update the codes?

  46. Admin Says:

    Hmm strange, Under Edit HTML page you dont see a text url box that ask you to browse for your file at all?

  47. missy Says:

    no. there are only ‘Save template changes’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Clear Edits’

  48. missy Says:

    hi swank, i got it! it’s the settings problem.

    thanks for your help!

  49. Admin Says:

    Oh, mind letting us know what settings problem it was? Thanks!

  50. missy Says:

    i switched to the classic style, hence the uploader and other new features were not present.

  51. Admin Says:

    Oh no wonder, haha ok problem resolved.

  52. April Says:

    well, after a lot of searching the comments I have figured out how to fix the friends link thing and also the undefined tab…however there is nothing in the comments teaching how to get the tabs of home/about/archives to function appropriately…please help!

  53. Alieninfluenza Says:

    If I add any jump break to any post the read more option is not showing up in the main page. Can anyone please help me how to solve this problem?

  54. Jessyca Says:

    How do you change the “undefined” tabs at the sides of each post? Or is it possible to remove them in blogger?

  55. Nutmeg Says:

    After downloading and attempting to unzip, Winzip gives me the following error:

    Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid file archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading it again.

    I’ve attempted this about 5 times…suggestions?

  56. admin Says:

    Nutmeg, I tried downloading it and unzipping it, it works for me. Perhaps your winzip is corrupted? Or you can try winrar or 7zip.

  57. admin Says:


    After login, go to Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Wednesday, June 17, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

    It would be the 3rd field.

  58. chloe Says:

    I downloaded it but I can’t get it to work! It says :”Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”
    Please advise!! =S

  59. chloe Says:

    Forget that last post, I worked it. Another question: How do I manage the About/Archives buttons at the top? I tried following Rebecca’s instructions but still can’t get it to work. In fact, it messed the whole thing up! Pls help. =/

  60. Ezmirelda Says:

    About/Archives/Search box Does Not Work.
    Please help!! Any advice is appreciated.

  61. Jessica Says:

    Is there any way to change the button on top to say something other than “archives” ??

  62. Admin Says:

    Hi Ezmirelda,

    For yours, go to your blogger Dashboard -> Design tab -> Edit HTML and do a CTRL + F search for


    and there you can find the place to replace the URL to the page you want.

    Yes Jessica, do the above I mentioned and you can change the URL, but to change the words you need to create the word image in photoshop as this is in an image form.

  63. Jessica Says:

    how would I get that image (the “archives” button) into photo shop to change it? A screen shot?

  64. Jessica Says:

    disregard above — I was able to edit it in photoshop with some work — how do I get the new menu image into the template now though?

  65. Admin Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    You would need to upload it to a free image hosting website, google one for it but most image hosting websites will delete the image once every few months so you would need to reupload again. All default template images however are stored on our servers for lifetime.

    After you have uploaded the image, copy the URL of the image and go to your blogger dashboard -> Design -> Edit HTML and do a CTRL + F search for archives word and there you will see the image URL of the current one, change that to your new image URL and your set to go.


  66. Shell Says:


    Thank you for such a beautiful theme. I downloaded it yesterday and have fixed the date problem and problem with the friends/links section being cut off (based on your advice in these comments), thank you!

    I can’t get the recent posts section to work though – have made a couple of posts and it’s still empty – please could you give me some advice on how to fix it?


  67. Admin Says:

    Hi Shell,

    Have you tried replacing the recent post with a gadget on Design tab?

  68. Shell Says:

    Hi Admin

    Thanks for your reply.

    In the Design tab – there’s a box which says “recent news” – but when i open it, it opens a window called “Configure HTML/JavaScript” and unlike the other gadgets or sections in the layout, it does not have an option to remove it.

    So I’m not sure how to get that to work to show the recent posts or even how to replace it (because i’m not sure how to remove it).

  69. Admin Says:

    Hmm, it should work actually because it worked on the demo. Can you post your website URL under the website field when you reply in the comments, dont put it in the comments cos the reply wont get approved.

    I will take a look.

  70. Shell Says:

    Hi admin

    I had set my blog settings so that only people i invite can view my blog…i went to change it to public, so that you could have a look and then all the recent posts showed, when i changed it back to private it stopped working.

    Any advice on how i can get it to work when only invited readers can view my blog?

  71. Jessica Says:

    I am still having problems fixing the about/archives links. can someone post the part of the code that i need to put my link into? i’ve experimented with putting it in, but it keeps adding an extra link instead of just utilizing the one that already exists

  72. aeda Says:

    I manage to solve the friends & links problem though it took a lot of time to fix it…Could somebody answered the archive button issue? How can we create a page link to blogger archive ?? How can it connect with “Blog Archive” default in blogger?

    My “Recent Post” and “categories” is also not working..nobody answered for this question so far too..anybody can help???

  73. gucci Says:

    i cant make the about and archive links work. everytime i change it, the links dissapear.

  74. aeda Says:

    does anybody can help me here?? I really want to use this beautiful template! But why NOBODY really answered our questions???? And Dear Gucci, how do u make your “Recent Post” links work??? Can you share?

  75. Nekohakase Says:

    Love the design. I am wondering, is there a way to change the font of the title on the top to a picture? (A text picture or unique font, or a ideally-sized icon is what I’m talking about, not something that will blow the layout apart.)

  76. castitaslilium Says:

    hi admin!

    i downloaded your awesome template for our school assignment to make it pwn and pwn good. i have a question about your friends and links section though. how exactly does it work? i mean, what do i do to it? how do i add the friends and links? i hope you reply soon.


  77. Swank Says:

    Hi Castitaslilium,

    Try going to your Gadgets area and edit the gadget to add links of your friends.

  78. Reetika Says:

    Brill it looks!

  79. Crissy Says:

    I have read all the great advice. Tried most of it, but still can’t get the home, archives, about tabs to work. Help please!!

  80. Latrice Says:


    I’m having trouble adding this template to my blog. How do I go about doing that? i clicked on installation/Settings and it doesn’t provide instructions.


  81. Brooke Says:


    When I link the About Me section to my blogger profile it says it’s not available. I have given complete access to it in my settings and I can access the profile via the link if I paste it into my browser, but not via the about me tab. I even tried pasting it in the home page tab and the same thing happens.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong??

  82. Lauren Says:

    Hey there

    Thanks to your advice, I managed to get the ‘Friends and Links’ section and the date working. However, I still can’t figure out how to link the ‘About’ and ‘Archives’ tabs.
    I’ve read through all the comments, but I can’t find the url to replace in the code. There’s one url there that I can find, but it’s a .jpg and replacing it does nothing. Please help?

  83. Cover Letter Help Says:

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  84. texascowgirl Says:

    The word “friend” under Friends and Links is spelled wrong. Can that be fixed? Also, how do I add a link there? When I go to the design area, there is no gadget to edit to add a link. When I added a new link gadget hoping it would connect, it shows with a note of (misc debris) next to it.

  85. Al's Says:

    Finally I understand,,, to edit templates, we have to know html…. thank

  86. Norul Says:

    Thank you for the template, I really love it now! The explanation given to others does help me to understand the downloading steps for your template code! Cool!

    This is Awesome!

  87. Norul Says:

    But one thing, the pages divider… how could i make it link to the month’s written? Do I need to link/edit it via html code as well? Please advice, appreciate that!

  88. Norul Says:

    Oh, Cool!!!!!

    Thanks to : admin Says:
    December 8th, 2009 at 10:56 am
    To fix the Undefined Date function:

  89. Elise Says:

    hi, i uber like this template, how do i download this… sorry, i’m new to blogging. thanks much!

  90. admin Says:

    Hi Elise,

    There is a download button that is red in color on this page right at the top below the template image. Do you see it?

  91. just me Says:


    Ive read through the comments again and again trying to fix the links to “home/about/archives”. I cant figure it out. Can you please show me EXACTLY what to change in the HTML?

  92. Berniek Says:

    Gees this form changes my text in to real html. I’ll try it again, but I have to change some of the code now. Let’s see if this will work.

    To change the tabs:

    Go to “edit html” > press ctrl+F and search for ‘about’. You need the second one you find. You’ll find some code that says


    Where it says a href=’/’ rel=”nofollow” you can put in your link, between the ‘ and the /’.

    It will look something like this:

    And then just save.
    The home-tab already is linked to you homepage though.

  93. ssla Says:

    If anyone else is wondering how to change the “undefined” to show the date, this is how it worked for me in Blogger:

    Settings > Formatting > Timestamp format > Monday, January 1, 2011

  94. Nina Says:

    Hi, I am still figuring out on how to set Archive link to blogger.
    What link should I set to that button?
    Pls advise thanks a lot.

  95. jill Says:

    hi there! how do you make the share buttons (with +1) appear? i’ve already ticked the ‘share’ box but they still don’t appear on my site. appreciate any tip/s you can give! Thanks!

  96. gerlen Says:

    how to unzip it?
    or could you give me the HTML? TNX! ;)
    because I’m just new to it,we’re just ask by our teacher to make our own blog..

  97. Tricia Says:

    I am unable to log it in with html. I have tried unzipping the folder as well as saving with ‘all files’ and the message always returns with:

    “Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.”

    So, I like the template and would like to use it. If possible, I would appreciate addition info on how to proceed. Thank you.

  98. Zury Says:

    I read through all of the comments (that took me a while) but still was not able to solve my problem so can anyone help me out with this?

    Where on the HTML code do I go in order to change the “About” tab link to a specific URL that I want to set?

    Also under the “Friends & Links” section… where on the HTML code do I go and add links, buttons, sites, etc. Where and what do I type in? I would like to post buttons to sites such as the twitter button and other site buttons. I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Wonderful blog design by the way. I love it. Everything seems to work properly with the exception of what I just mentioned above so please help me out! Thanks :)

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  103. KANNISHA Says:


  104. neck Says:

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  105. Jimi Says:

    Ok…I’ve spent the best part of the night trying to figure out how to make the ‘about’ button under the search box work. I’m just exhausted and giving up. Guessing that perhaps I’m just not computer savvy enough to read and implement. I’m still going to give this template a run as I find it to be a really cool looking one. I’ll just have to see what I can learn from this point forward! Thanks for the cool looking template….bugs and all!


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