Zinmag Primus

Zinmag Primus

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Zinmag Primus blogger template for free download on Blogger Templates.


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Category:2 Columns, Black, Elegant, Right Sidebar
Added:April 17th, 2009
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15 Responses to “Zinmag Primus”

  1. yh- Says:

    how come the slide now cant function??

  2. jane Says:

    how can i make the slider slow down? and can i make it so the image can be as large as the grey box area and just slide behind the text?

  3. Swank Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Unfortunately I am afraid you can’t slow it down nor make the image slide behind the text.

  4. Mars Says:

    How do I get rid of that ad covering the header? Where in the html coding is it? I’m not a complete amatuer but I cant locate the coding for that block. It seems to be an ad (That doesn’t really work anyway).. I dont know….PLEASE HELP.

  5. admin Says:

    Hi Mars,

    I went to your blog but I dont see any ad? I see the header image called The Proof thats about it, no ad covering it?

  6. Ravi Says:

    The slide show isn’t work now, how do i make as a slide show…?

  7. Briesauce Says:

    I am using this template on my Bloogle AdSense Blog bloogle-adsense.blogspot.com and with a little bit of work it will be great! Thanks for the download.

  8. Pen Tolman Says:

    I am testing this template before I actually integrate it into my current blog. To the right if the header is a white rectangular box. I don’t know what this purpose serves (if any). I’d like to either remove it, or add text into this box but I don’t know where it is in the html window. I’d appreciate your help ASAP. Thanks so much!

  9. Adrian Says:

    Every time I press instructions it takes me back to the home page?

    I have zinmag primus but the top part with all the links is causing me problems need something to follow. Any suggestions

  10. Kathleen Clohessy Says:

    What is the status of the template? Tried to download and got a 404 error-not found. Have you taken it down? Or maybe it’s the site?? Halloween trick?

    I’ve been searching for a magazine template I loved and this was it!!

  11. Kathleen Clohessy Says:

    Never mind..I was trying to download it from another area. Now that I tried here it worked fine…Duh!

  12. kshiell Says:

    I can’t get the slide show to work. Any suggestions?

    I’d really appreciate the help


  13. Ulum Says:

    its a nice template, thanks.

  14. watch tv episodes online Says:

    Great template, will using this for my other blog

  15. Vinnie Says:

    You can have the template xml whitout slide and whitout all html/JavaScript widgets in the bottom? By eliminating unnecessary and the corresponding code from the template? Thank a lot

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